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Jade Quality Hair FAQ

Jade Quality Hair Frequently Asked Questions - JQH

Q: Where does your hair originate?

A: Our product comes directly from India

Q: How does the hair come?

A:  Our hair come in 4oz bundles

Q: How long should I wear this hair before I take it out?

A: Hair may be worn on average 8 – 12 weeks prior to taking out for touch-up. Hair may be reused for 12 months or more with proper hair care and maintenance.

Q: How much hair is needed for a full sew-in?

A: On average it takes 6 oz. for a full sew-in. If you purchase 22” or longer an additional pack may be needed.

Q: What type of shampoo and conditioner should I use on virgin hair?

A: Virgin Remi Silk Hydration shampoo and our Satin Hydro-Loc conditioner.

Q: How can I style this hair?

A: Treat it as your very own. JQH can be colored, curled, flat ironed, moussed, and roller set.

Q: How do I Detangle the hair if it tangles?

A: Shampoo with Silk Hydration Shampoo followed by Satin Hydra-Loc conditioner. Detangle using a large wide toothed comb or large wire brush, and style as usual.

Q: Can virgin hair be colored?

A: Yes, always do a strand test prior to coloring. Use permanent color only.

Q: What products can't be used on this hair?

A: Protein based shampoos or clarifying shampoos.

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